Let’s face the fact: as a techno-human, we can’t imagine a moment without our smartphone. Having that tiny little devicewith all the knowledge of this world in our hand is hugely addictive, after all.

It is believed that our dependence on this technology had made us lazy. However, it has also allowed us to use our mental powers for good. Staying mentally sharp is the top concern of the aging population, and smartphones are making sure that they have enough options to stay mentally fit.

So, if you want to give your mind much-needed stretches, get into the wonders of your phone games for some brain training. You’ll be surprised by the number of games that are there to test your mental capacities. They engage your neurons and strengthen them to make you even smarter.

Gaming has improved significantly with the advancement in technology, and their benefits have multiplied. Many types of research have found a positive correlation between games and learning.

In a research carried out by BBC Horizon, a sample group of older subjects partook in a popular racing game for 15 hours over five weeks. When their mental skills were evaluated after that period, their attention span and memory scores improved by almost 30%.

So, if you want to improve your brain functions through gameplay, we have compiled a list of five games for you. These games will amp up your brain capabilities.

1.     Skillz

If you own an Android device, Skillz is one game to play. This brain-empowering game is entirely free. It can enhance your memory skills by offering suitable mind exercises. It has small games to improve your memory, brain’s flexibility, speed, and attention span.

You can start with the games by getting through a fit test. This test will automatically calibrate the skills, mind, speed, and attention span you possess presently. The most interesting thing is that this game will not leave you bored. Instead, it is designed to improve gradually with so much fun.

Important Features:

  • It enhances your cognitive skills with scientific methods.
  • It helps you train yourself to take a new challenge every day.
  • You can have daily, weekly, and monthly training programs.
  • Game’s flexibility is what makes it stand out; you can track down your performance.
  • It allows you to compare your performance with other online players.
  • Amp up your speed and accuracy; at the same time, enhance memory and touch ability.
  • It helps you train your reflexes too.

2.     Lumosity

Lumosity is not new to gaming fanatics. It is one of the top brain games for Android users. You can customize the game to train your mind with different interactive puzzle games. It helps you in developing problem-solving capabilities.

Important Features:

  • Learn numerous tips to enhance your accuracy, speed, and strategy making skills.
  • It allows you to define your gameplay for leveling up your action.
  • There are drills for you to achieve rational evidence.
  • Beef up your computation capabilities and challenge your estimation efficiency.
  • Get better in your reading skills and also improve your vocabulary power.
  • The training games are creatively designed to fit both kids and adults.

3.     Peak

The peak is an immensely popular app on the Play Store. It provides over 45 fun games that test your mental skills to their limits. This mind game app helps you polish your problem-solving skills and improve your memory. It is designed after thorough research to be fit for all ages.

This game improves your attention span, mental agility, and coordination creativity. Through its ‘trainer’ feature, it suggests you the right time to practice.

Important Features:

  • It allows you to compete with your online friends and see the results.
  • Have numerous brain-storming activities for both kids and adults.
  • You can customize your workout schedule and set a reminder for select days so that you can have time to play.
  • All games are up for you with a small monthly subscription fee.
  • It allows online mode play, which means you can play even without an active internet connection.
  1. Moles in Holes

Moles in Holes is simple yet challenging gameplay that can be enjoyed by people of any age group. It involves simple gameplay, and you have to complete the challenge to win the game. Mind it! Simple gameplay doesn’t mean that you’ll win it easily. It will test your brain like every other brain-teasing game.

This game is created by Unlimited Gamez Mo. It is an online platform that has a wide variety of games in various categories. You can play them online on your mobile phone after paying a small subscription fee.

It is a strategy game. In this game, the gamer has to connect each mole to its food via an underground tunnel. However, they must make sure that the tunnels do not overlap. This game requires intense planning to reach to the conclusion.

Important Features:

  • Extremely simple gameplay.
  • Easy to play for people from every age group.
  • It sharpens your mental skills.
  • A fun activity with immense benefits.
  1. Elevate

You won’t find anything better than Elevate if you want to test your brain. This gaming app is created to enhance your speaking skills, computation skills, memory power, attention span, and speed.

There are 40 mini-games to help you improve your cognitive capabilities. It provides you regular brain activities with three to five small games. The fun part is that each game defines its goal so that you can have a sense of fulfillment. You will get a monthly, weekly, or daily report of your performance.

Important Features:

  • This game helps you improve your speaking, writing, and reading skills by boosting your IQ level.
  • You can analyze your in-depth performance results and get feedback.
  • There are more than 40 different games designed by specialists.
  • It allows you to compare your scoreboard with those online.
  • A workout calendar is there to track your strides for staying motivated.

Final Thoughts

Our personality gets exposed through the attributes we possess. The human mind is fundamental in this regard. It is important to stay fit mentally. So, choose any of the games mentioned above to develop your mental traits and sharpen your mind.

Let us know what you think about these games by leaving a comment below.

Happy Gaming!


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