Earlier this month, we got the unfortunate news that Yakuza 6: The Song of Life was going to be delayed another month. While eager fans were obviously disappointed by this extra delay, there was a consolation prize. We were told we would get the demo on the 27th of February. That’s today, and the demo is now available in Australia. If you can stomach the download size, that is.

A Beloved Series Returns

Yakzua 5, in particular, was well received on launch. Source: PlayStation website.

The Yakuza series is a well-loved franchise, with a decent community of fans to its name. Whilst primarily being an open-world crime adventure game similar to GTA, Yakuza is set apart by its ability to make fun of itself. Yakuza 5 was well received well for not only having a great storyline, but a plethora of side activities full of personality and humour. The games were successful enough to merit a prequel release on PS4, which continued the series’ reputation for quality as it transitioned onto new gen consoles.

With the franchise’s history in mind, this demo holds a lot of promise. A live stream of the first few hours of the game shows we can expect the same open world freedom and balance between seriousness and craziness as before.

…with a Hefty Download

Between the massive download and the series’ historic design, we can expect another open world to explore. Source: PlayStation’s website.

With an open world and some nice next gen graphics, we’re obviously going to expect a decent download to go with the demo. However, the actual number is shocking: 36 gigabytes. That’s large for a complete game, let alone just the demo. Hopefully this means it’s full of content, or contains a good chunk of the download for the full game being released in April.

Still, for all its enormous file size, the download will ultimately save you time. The demo will let you move your save across to the main game, so if you’re planning to buy Yakuza 6 there’s really no reason not to start playing now. The demo can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store now, and the full game itself will release April 17.

We’re just hoping the karaoke will be as good as we remember it.