Credit: Steam

The latest patch for Sega’s Yakuza 0 has left fans angry after it caused crashes when it was originally meant to fix them.

The patch, which is the first for the PC version of the game, was originally meant to fix some crashes that had been affecting the player base.

According to the patch notes, these fixes included a fix for a crash that occurred in Chapter 10 and during the Picket Circuit mini-game.

Credit: Steam

“For those who have been experiencing technical difficulties, we appreciate your patience while we work on fixes. Our first patch is live:

• Fix for crashes on boot and in cutscenes/gameplay.
• Fix for crash when using Staminans to gain consecutive Heat abilities during Chapter 10 Fight.
• Fix for crash in Pocket Circuit mini-game after selecting a rematch with an opponent.”

However soon after the patch went live players quickly began noticing issues.

Many were left unable to launch the game causing them to go to the Steam forums to complain and seek a fix.

Credit: Steam

Sadly, a fix was not quick to come, with developer Sega forced to roll back the patch due to the number of players affected.

In a statement on the games Steam store page, the games developers apologized for the issues the patch caused.

“While our patch showed no issues in testing, it appears that Patch 1 is causing issues for some users who had no issues previously. Therefore, we are rolling back the patch while we continue to investigate.

Our apologies to all who are experiencing difficulties. We are investigating all issues raised here and will be back with more information soon.”

The issues this patch caused are an embarrassment to Sega, who released Yakuza 0 only a week ago.

Its currently unclear when another patch will be released, which leaves player affected by issues the patch was meant to fix either forced to find a workaround or out of luck.

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