XBOX Australia to Share Gaming For Everyone at PAX 2018

Xbox has released their line-up for the upcoming pop-culture expo, PAX Australia. For those attending the convention in Melbourne, you will have the chance to test out some of the newest games of the year on the Xbox One X at the Xbox booth.

There will be over 80 Xbox One X consoles at the booth, giving people the chance to play a variety of games. From racing, Battle Royale matches and first-person shooters, here are some of the games that will be on show this year:

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS – Play in War Mode, exclusively on the Sanhok map: the first time this mode will be playable on the new map.
  • Battlefield V – which will have 32-player multiplayer featuring the Rotterdam map on Conquest mode, courtesy of EA.
  • Forza Horizon 4

There will also be some exciting new [email protected] games available to play for the first time in Australia. This includes RPG’s, party games and the highly anticipated Ashen from New Zealand’s Aurora 44Here is the full list of the [email protected] games available below:

  • Tunic
  • Supermarket Shriek
  • Ashen
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine

Xbox Game Pass titles featured in the Xbox Lounge:

  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • Rocket League
  • Human Fall Flat
  • Halo 5
  • The Division
  • Quantum Break

This year at PAX 2018, Xbox is priding themselves on having something for everyone at the Xbox booth. From shooters, indie games and family-friendly games, anyone attending PAX 2018 will be able to try one of the great games on show at the Xbox booth.

Fans and players will also have the chance to hear from the Xbox team themselves. The team will be presenting  Xbox Presents: Gaming For Everyone at the EB Live Stage on Friday at 1pm as well as hearing Chris Charla from [email protected] Chris Charla will be joining top indie developers from Devolver Digital and Dodge Roll to discuss how the industry can support indies at Indie Dev Support: The CSR of the Industry.

Xbox is also focused on it’s commitment to accessibility. A such Xbox is supporting the NEXT Exhibit at PAX Aus. This exhibit aims to showcase diverse titles. The revolutionary Xbox Adaptive Controller will be showcased both here and in the returning PAX Aus Diversity Lounge, with a special demonstration at the latter by streamer Hand Solo. This is an amazing step forward for diversity and inclusivity in the gaming community. Check out the adaptive controller below:

The Xbox Adaptive Controller makes gaming more accessible for everyone

Xbox will be showcasing some incredible games and features at PAX this year that you won’t want to miss out on. If you live around Melbourne and have any interest in pop-culture and gaming, make sure to check it out.

For all the latest PAX news and information specifically for Xbox, stay tuned to the Xbox Australia Facebook or Twitter account, or simply visit the PAX Australia website.

Let us know what you’re most excited to see at PAX this year.


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