Source: Warframe

Warframe developers Digital Extremes have revealed an upcoming expansion for the game along with a Switch port at the games annual convention.

These announcements which were made at Tennocon 2018 set out a bright future for the game with a large variety of content to be added.

The Fortuna expansion, which was revealed through a trailer will see players head to Venus where they can transverse the planet’s landscape and encounter a ton of new combat experiences.

According to a post on Digital Extremes website, the expansion will introduce a brand new faction, the Solaris United along with a lot more lore.

“Starting from the underground Colony of Fortuna where players pick up bounties and missions, Tenno (players’ in-game name) will ascend to the surface of The Orb Vallis to view an exotic new terrain blanketed with Orokin structures, towering mushroom stands, and oceanic flora.”

Included along with the expansion will be a single-player hoverboard called the Bondi K-Drive which will let players traverse the Venusian landscape in style.

Also announced at Tennocon was a future update for Warframe called Codename:Railjack.

The update will enables up to four players to board a warship to explore and fight in the uncharted territory of space.

“Players will coordinate responsibilities across the military spacecraft to engage in PvE combat against hostile enemies. The full space experience grants extensive player freedom with options to launch Archwings into space to board, infiltrate and destroy enemy ships during battles. This future update looks to create a cohesive gameplay experience between Warframe’s open Landscapes, procedurally generated levels, and a new outer-space freedom in a unique sci-fi world.”

It was also revealed that Warframe would be coming to Nintendo Switch. The port is being done by Panic Button who are behind other Switch ports including Rocket League. There is currently no launch date for the port.

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