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  • The first step of the OW World Cup has begun
  • Players now have the ability to vote for Committee Members for their country
  • The top 24 have also been released; Australia sits at #13

The 2018 Overwatch World Cup has opened its voting for committee members, in the road to the Inter-State World title of best Country Team.

Announced at 12PM AEST on the Overwatch Twitter, the announcement coincides with the commencing of Season 10 of Competitive, which began yesterday, with the releasing of Brigitte into the pick-able competitive heroes pool.

Here’s the Voting and Roster information, check it out!

Here’s how the voting works. Committee members are voted for by the Overwatch players of the country being voted for – the committee members will be good players in the Competitive scene of that country. The committee members voted will then go on to select the representative players that will duke it out on our well known Payload, Attack/Defend, Hybrid and Control Point Maps.

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Players are also given the opportunity to apply to be their countries’ Community Lead and Coach. Head on over to the Overwatch website if that’s your gig! Keep in mind though, a Coach will need to be in the Countries’ Top 150 to be eligible.

These confusing and layered changes come after the first OW World Cup’s pick system, when Streamers and Personalities became representatives on the World Stage for OW, like Seagull and ster for Team USA, and Muselk for our home team.

For more information, here’s the details I covered when 2018’s World Cup was announced.

The hosting countries this year are South Korea, Thailand, The USA and France, and immediately qualify for the World Cup. Outside of this, currently placed at Number 1 on the list is China, Followed again by Sweden and the UK.

Right now, Australia is placed at #13 of the Top 24 – 24 Countries will compete against each other in the World Cup, and this number will be widdled down to a Top 8 in time for Blizzcon.

Group stages will be held in October after teams are formed, followed up by the Blizzcon finals in November.

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Let’s show them what we can do.

Aussie Aussie Aussie!