Player Unknown's Battlegrounds set to release by the end of the year


Brendan “Player Unknown” Greene, creator of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, from the start had said the game would be released by the end of 2017. Now that it’s nearing that time it has been confirmed that PUBG will leave early access in late December. Along with the official release of the game, the new desert map that has been teased over the last couple of months and will be added to the game at the same time. The battle royale game is also coming to Xbox and has been set for release on December 12th (Christmas present ideas?).

Are you ready to jump over things?

More features that players have been looking forward to include the climbing and vaulting feature, that is now live on the test server. Gone are the days when you embarrassingly miss that jump or need to scale a much higher wall and have to settle for just going around it. You will now be able to climb heights of 2.3 meters, with anything higher than chest height requiring two hands and will automatically holster your equipped weapon.

PUBG Vaulting and Climbing
PUBG Vaulting and Climbing

Those pesky hackers are at it again

A recent problem that has become more prevalent, is the presence of hackers. The steam reviews have plummeted with many claiming the game is almost unplayable with a hacker of some kind in almost every game. The Development and Community team have been trying to tackle the rise in cheaters with stronger anti cheat measures and banning up to 42,000 players everyday. Despite this it is still quite worrying that in many games you will see the kill feed feature one name way too many times or your whole squad getting knocked out in seconds from who knows where, only to see someone zoom over your dead body at impossible speeds.

Steam reviews for PUBG
Steam reviews for PUBG

New Massive Milestones

As of November 8th, PUBG has sold over 20 millions copies, a huge achievement for any game let alone one still in early access. Announced on twitter by Brendan himself, while also addressing some of the issues with the game.

New Map Hype

The new map has once again been teased from Player Unknown with 5 new WIP screenshots of a picturesque desert landscape, accompanied by a very rocky pun. The denser towns with multi story buildings and a whole lot less flat terrain than Erangel, will make for some epic firefights and shootouts. We can tell the team is as excited about this new map as we are and players will be very excited to start playing it when it is released later in the year.

The game is set to leave early access in late December with all features mentioned above joining it by the end of the year. Are you holding out to get your hands on the Xbox version? Excited to jump into a new map and learn all the new best spots? or keen to get your parkour on? Let us know what you are most excited for.

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