Dwarven Heritage Armour in WoW
Dwarven Heritage Armour is now available (Source: Blizzard)

To coincide with the festive season Blizzard fans are receiving the gift of new content, now available in World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm. We had a look into what Blizzard fans can look forward to over the next month.

Decking the Halls of Blizzard World in Overwatch

The annual Overwatch event, Winter Wonderland is now live with the return of arcade brawls, Mei’s Snowball Offensive and Yeti Hunter. There are six new legendary skins to choose from, which include Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy and Krampus Junkrat. Even the newly released hero, Ashe, also receives her first seasonal Epic skin. Plus, the latest update allows Ashe golden gun owners to impress their fellow heroes with a matching golden B.O.B.

New Winter event skin for Ashe
(Source: Blizzard)

As usual, a free loot box will be awarded to players who log in during the event and all previous Winter event skins are available, at a discounted cost.

Aside from the Winter event, Overwatch League fans receive an extra gift with both home and away OWL team skins now bundled for 100 OWL tokens and those who have previously owned skins will be given the home or away counterpart for free. The newly announced teams like the Vancouver Titans and Washington Justice, will receive their skins before the 2019 season begins on 15 February.

Toys upon Toys in Heroes of the Storm

With toy-themed mounts, skins, sprays and portraits, Heroes of the Storm is opening up the toy box and introducing Cuddlebear Stitches, Cosmic Force Valeera and Dehakasaurus Rex.

Players will be able to participate in quests and unlock festive loot with the help of The Kid. Riding into the fray will be as adorable as ever with the Plush Unicorn mount available during the event.

Sylvanas’s Shadow Dagger Ability has been reworked along with her other abilities and traits (Source: Blizzard)

Hero reworks for Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen and Stitches, the Terror of Darkshire are also now live and changes to armor and experience have been put in place. Armor will now not stack and the experience system has  also been refined.

Tides of Vengeance now live in World of Warcraft

Details on Battle for Azeroth‘s first major expansion,Tides of Vengeance, were unveiled at this year’s Blizzcon and now players are able to dive into the expansion’s newest content.

Aside from new story-based content focusing on Tyrande, Vol’jin, Saurfang and Zekhan (ZappyBoi) the latest Battle for Azeroth update means players can get right into the brand new co-op Warfront. Titled Battle for Darkshore, this Warfront focuses on the night elves and their fight to reclaim their homeland after Teldrassil was burnt to the ground by the Dark Lady, Sylvannas.

While BfA‘s second raid, the Battle of Dazar’alor, will not be available until 23 January, 2019, players can look forward to further development in the faction war with Horde and Alliance players fighting unique bosses based upon their faction. At the same time, new Mythic+ content will be available and PvP will enter Season 2.

New raid boss Jaina
Players will go up against the iconic Jaina Proudmore in the newest raid (Source: Blizzard)

In the meantime, Jorundall and Havenswood will be hosting the new round of Island Expeditions, Azerite Armour will also be receiving updates, and dwarves and blood elves will be finally receiving their Heritage Armour.

Plus, for all those who have purchased the Warcraft III – Spoils of War Edition the Meat Wagon mount is now available to claim.

To get the full rundown of what’s to come in WoW make sure to check out the Tides of Vengeance survival guide.

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