Ubisoft’s report for their earnings had shown that it had exceeded expectations on the first fiscal quarter for 2018-2019, ending on June 30. Sales had reached over AU$630 million thanks to a number of sales over their consoles and digital products.

Their net booking (corresponds to the prior sales standard) reached over AU$600 million which had overshadowed Ubisoft’s projected target of around AU$550 million.

“This performance was fueled by steady growth for our back catalogue and an excellent momentum for PRI(Player Recurring Investment), once again confirming the increasingly recurring profile of our business and the ever-greater success of our digital transformation,” Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Yves Guillemot said.

He also pointed out that their E3 performances that showcased up and coming titles; Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Division 2. Skull & Bones got a special mention as their newest title as it provided a different style of gameplay in comparison to the former two. The good feedback of the games are looking to help Ubisoft reach their goals for the next quarter and by extension the fiscal year.

Guillemot said, “Thanks to its numerous growth drivers, brisk digital trajectory and close-knit relations with its gamer communities, as well as the fact that it directly owns its brands, Ubisoft is ideally positioned to meet its targets for full-year 2018-19 and continue to grow and increase its profitability over the long term.”

The breakdown of the sales indicated Playstation 4 is their highest performer holding 38% of sales though it had dropped from 44% last year. PC and XBox One holds 24% and 22% respectively. Nintendo Switch had risen to 5% from 1% last year.

Ubisoft also provided their title release schedule aimed for the second quarter(July to September). It includes FarCry5 DLCs, South Park titles and their ongoing games like Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor and Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Their projected sales for the second quarter is far more positive in comparison to last year’s with the expected sales to reach between AU$540 million to AU$560 million as of today’s exchange rate. Their net bookings are looking to reach around AU$540 million, far greater than last year’s AU$417 million in the same quarter.

Thanks to the good feedback, Ubisoft expects much of their future success on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey from the back catalogue momentum and in-stores shipments. With this outlook, they revealed that they expect to reach AU$3.1 billion as of today’s exchange rate by the 2018-2019 Year.

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