Source: For Honor

Only a day after its announcement, Ubisoft has reversed their decision to remove content from the For Honor store and put it on rotation after the end of the summer sale.

The reversal came after an outcry from the For Honour community that felt this change would make it too difficult to obtain older content.

When first announced, Ubisoft said that after the summer sale content older than nine months would be removed from the store put on weekly rotation at a discount.

The reason for this was given by the games director Daniel Kieken in the Warrior’s Den Weekly Livestream.

In the stream, Keiken said the reason for the change was that new players were being overwhelmed by a mountain of content to unlock.

The reversal was announced on the games subreddit in a post by Ubisoft’s community developer Eric Pope, which included an apology to the playerbase.

“We want to apologize on how we communicated these potential changes. Over the past year, thanks to the Warrior’s Den and your presence on the various platforms, we built what we believe to be a strong relationship with you all. Your feedback has been driving the production efforts including the various features and improvements we have made.
Reading the various threads made us realize that we didn’t properly explain what we wanted to do and why we were doing it. Even if we are not proceeding, we want to share the exact plan we had mind and why these changes were going to be made”

Currently, there have been no hints from Ubisoft about their plan b to deal with content problem. The sale is still going ahead and will end on July 19th.

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