Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot had recently published a letter on the Ubisoft website. It could be about anything, but one thing for sure is that it would be related to gaming. Let’s take a look at what he has to say.

Guillemot is one of the founders of one of the biggest gaming companies in history, Ubisoft. When he released that letter, it could mean anything from strictly business to PR based moves. This letter gives a bit of insight into what he is currently having in mind.

First, he talks about the history of gaming and developments that helped boosted video gaming from being extremely niche to a respectable choice of leisure among many communities. He specifically mentions some of the key players from all over the world that has helped video gaming.

“The Wii made games accessible. The iPhone made games touchable. Both introduced millions more people to gaming and created new opportunities for game developers. Healthy economies and burgeoning middle classes in China, India and elsewhere are leading to enormous growth in the number of people taking up gaming in their spare time. All of that will pale in comparison to what comes next,” Guillemot had stated as he also mentioned how it internet connectivity also played a major role as well.

With major technological developments and huge influxes of new consumers into the market, video gaming had been in higher demand more than ever. It also has made esports become a multi-million dollar industry in a global fashion. Many titles such as League of Legends, Rainbow Six:Siege and Starcraft 2 had reached a point where international tournaments that taken players from all over the world became a selling point.

Next, Guillemot mentions how video games are now evolving into more than just ‘entertainment’. He had expressed that it will have roles in other industries such as becoming a facilitator for stimulations or help people generate profits from their achievements in their fields. It is true that video games are being put into the market for multiple professions in some regard and gained success.

While this is pure speculation here, it is possible that Ubisoft may look into designing games with other industries for non-entertainment value. As Guillemot stated, “Our next challenge, collectively, is to push beyond the boundaries of entertainment and to create the experiences that show the world the potential that games and play have in positively shaping all of our lives.”

You can read his full letter here and make your own thoughts on the matter. What do you think of Mr. Guillemot’s thoughts in the current video game industry?

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