Ubisoft has announced that it is acquiring a major Dutch company known as i3D.net. This company had been a huge player for a lot of gaming companies such as EA and of course, Ubisoft. With this acquisition, Ubisoft may hold new resources for the coming future.

i3D.net deals with a major resource used by a variety of modern video games, servers. These servers host the very games you might be playing online as well as a variety of other important information and background resources. As they are among the leading companies for this type of service, the acquisition will provide them with more resources such as upgrading their servers or having a stronger reach.

“With Ubisoft’s backing, we greatly enhance our global reach while continuing to function as an independent managed hosting provider for gaming companies and for a broad range of organizations,” said Stijn Koster, CEO of i3D.net. Koster also mentioned that they were excited to work with Ubisoft and continue their high-quality service to the millions of players among several video games.

So what does this mean for Ubisoft and their games in the future? It is likely that we will be seeing higher quality servers for their present and future games. This is especially important in video games that require online presence and real-time reactions. Games like Rainbow Six Siege may see improvements to their servers as they often require the highest quality servers to facilitate not only good gameplay but good service as well.

However, don’t expect any changes for a while as they still need to close out the deal which could come by the end of the year or early next year. What are you going to expect in Ubisoft’s future now that they are acquiring a major company like i3D.net to their ranks? Will you be expecting smoother gameplay for some of those Ubisoft games you have?

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