Looking for a new game to look forward to? SOEDESCO has you covered!

The coming week is set to be an exciting one for gamers as two new gameplay trailers are set to drop on YouTube.

SOEDESCO is bringing us not one, but two exciting new trailers to spark some hype for their upcoming projects. These trailers will also be revealing the anticipated release dates of the games. Upcoming games, Xenon Racer and 8-Bit Invaders! will both have trailers dropping in coming days.

On the 15th of January at 12.30 CET, the gameplay trailer of Petroglyph’s sci-fi RTS 8-Bit Invaders! goes live, and on the 17th of January at 12.30 CET, you can enjoy the gameplay trailer for the futuristic racing game Xenon Racer.

Before the trailers drop, let’s take a closer look at these upcoming SOEDESCO titles.

Xenon Racer is described as a futuristic arcade racer available for Playstation 4, Playstation 4 Pro, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch and Steam. Check out the reveal trailer here:

Xenon Racer will take place across seven vastly different locations across the world in the year 2030. Each location will include unique tracks, including the bustling metropolis of Tokyo.

Unlock unique cars, parts and maps as you progress in single player mode, or take on your friends in a split-screen multiplayer mode. The game can also be made in online multiplayer to challenge others on the tracks.

Set to drop on January 15th CET, here is the gameplay trailer to see the action for yourself

SOEDESCO will also be revealing the gameplay trailer for 8-Bit Invaders! which is a fast-paced, retro, Real-Time Strategy game for PC. Control the military might of the Galactic Marine Corps or invade with the devastating power of the alien Cranioids. Collect resources, build your army and crush your opponents in 8-Bit Invaders!

Check out the gameplay trailer for 8-Bit Invaders! below when it drops in a couple of days:

Both trailers are going to launch live in a couple of days time, and is set to be well worth the wait as these games stir excitement in the gaming community.

Let us know which game you are most excited for and further information, be sure to check out SOEDESCO to find out more about their upcoming titles.

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