Twitch announced that a glitch in their system may have some of their streamer’s message history exposed. With anything that could be disclosed in those messages, it is a serious security issue for all users of Twitch.

There are many reasons why this is a major security concern. A lot of Twitch streamers, especially highly popular ones, often holds competitions or raffles that allow their viewers to win prizes. They often provide information on how to claim it and within those messages may include sensitive information such as name and address of the winner.

“The primary use case for Messages was promotion; streamers sending out mass communication to subscribers for example, and the majority of messages that were unintentionally provided to another user fall into that category,” Twitch had stated.

MikeTheBard, a popular Twitch Streamer had tweeted, that he had messaged some of his viewers the information about prizes they won that includes the details above. His concerns are warranted with the private messages exposed because of a glitch. While this is some of the more serious cases, it still raises a lot of attention from streamers.

Twitch have emailed a number of users so that their streamers understood how they may be affected. “We have notified users via email and provided them the affected messages for review. Protecting our users’ privacy is important to us and we have taken actions to ensure this kind of error does not happen in the future,” Twitch had stated to Polygon.

It is to be noted that the messaging feature was removed from Twitch in May, however, the platform had offered users to download their archives should they desire to. This may have led to unintentional issues with the system that led to the incident.

Twitch offers anyone to check if they are seriously affected by clicking this link. The link will lead you to your message archives and informs you if you are affected or not. Are you a Twitch streamer or user? Have you been affected by the glitch on the messaging system? Leave a comment to tell about your story.

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