The altercation happened while MrDeadMoth was streaming his Fortnite gameplay.

Edit: There have been developments in this story since the time of this publication. Please click here to read the latest as of December 13th 2018.

Video has surfaced which appears to capture Australian streamer, MrDeadMoth, entering into first a verbal and then physical confrontation with his pregnant partner, Grace. The video can be viewed here but please note, the content may be disturbing to some viewers so please view at your own discretion. This incident provides an opportunity to discuss three talking points regarding interpersonal relationships and internet usage.

The altercation begins with Grace instructing MrDeadMoth to ‘get off’ the computer and then throwing several items including what appears to be cardboard packaging at him. MrDeadMoth repeatedly says ‘I’ll be out soon’, ‘I’ll start throwing sh*t at you” and ‘See you how like it’. This exchange continues for several minutes live on steam until a slapping sound is heard and Grace begins to cry.

Grace does not appear on camera but is heard saying ‘don’t hit me in the face’ and ‘do you hear that, all you people there? He just hit me in the face’. MrDeadMoth repeats ‘I’ll be out soon’. The pair continue arguing until MrDeadMoth steps away from the camera and another slapping sound is heard. Grace begins crying once more and a young child is heard, implying that the child is witnessing the conflict.

The footage has been uploaded to YouTube by user, tamus <Viewers Discretion>.

Domestic Violence

Firstly, if you are experiencing domestic violence, know that it is not your fault and that there are services available. Here is a non-exhaustive list of these services.

  • In emergencies, call the police on 000.
  • Mission Australia provides a register of Nationwide domestic violence advocacy services.


The communication in this example is repetitive and unproductive. There is also a lack of respect for personal boundaries and a lack of empathy. There are services available such as couples’ counselling which can teach both parties how to respectfully communicate.

Relationships Australia is a not-for-profit, non-religious organisation which provides counselling, dispute resolution and education for anyone who is wants to achieve positive and respectful relationships.

Family Relationships Online is a Federal Government initiative which provides multilingual services including counselling, legal advice and financial services. They can provide help online, over the phone and in person.

Internet Etiquette

This incident should not have happened in the first place but it also should not have been streamed.

Once something is on the internet, the original poster (OP) loses control of it. The video of this event has been watched 182 553 times in 17 hours at the time of this article’s publication and is making headline news across Australia. This incident is quickly gaining notoriety and may have lasting consequences for all parties (including the children) regardless of how they go on to live their lives in the future.

At the time of publication, it appears that Mr Dead Moth’s Twitch account has been suspended. Natalie Wolfe of reports that MrDeadMoth has been arrested by Camden Police in NSW and an apprehended violence order has been served.

There have been developments in this story since the time of this publication. Please click here to read the latest as of December 13th 2018.

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