After its intense and hugely successful sophomore season, Throwdown is back in Max Watt’s Sydney this weekend for the closing rounds of its season-long eSports tournaments.

Over the coming Saturday and Sunday, the event will host the climactic end of its second season’s major brackets, for its three competitive game titles: League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League, totalling a $32,000 prize pool.

Spanning various genres, these games have ensured that any eSports enthusiast following Throwdown will have something to sink their teeth into. Add to this the opened arm welcome of amateur, fan participation, and you can be sure, come weekend, that the finals will showcase both old and new faces of the Oceanic eSports scene.

Since its fresh beginnings, Throwdown has since endeavoured to host consistent eSporting events for the region, giving opportunities to excel to both big teams and the budding eSportsperson.


Throwdown’s first-ever season, concluded in February, saw over 90,000 viewers with almost 60 hours’ worth of Twitch content being broadcast live. The season offered community members the chance to play alongside big names in ANZ and South East Asian eSports, and crowned the event’s first-ever champion teams.

It’s no surprise that since its inception Throwdown has catapulted in popularity. Working to give Throwdown its deserved exposure is Twitch’s exclusive media distributor, Showdown, ensuring that as many of the region’s over-six-million viewers can tune in. The weekend will be also be boasting terrific sponsor support from the three games’ respective publishing companies, Psyonix (Rocket League), Riot Games (League of Legends) and FACEIT (CS:GO).

Beginning Saturday morning, with broadcasting underway at 11am Sydney time, the qualifying CS:GO & LOL finalists will duke it out in their respective Pro-Am competitions, featuring both amateur finalists and professional gamers from renowned eSports hubs, such as the LG Dire Wolves and The Chiefs Esports Club.


On Sunday, the Rocket League Championship Finals take the sole spot for Throwdown’s final day. Last year’s champions, Alpha Sydney, will be joined in the finals by 1More, Sand Castle and Just a Minute Gaming, all going head-to-head for two of these qualification spots; a huge reward for any eSports team, aspiring or otherwise.

The competition also recently announced a partnership with the Rocket League Championship Series, the game’s internationally-acclaimed competitive circuit. This means that for its “rocketeers,” Throwdown is the official region qualifier for this year’s World Series with its whopping $150,000 prize pool.

With the amount of traction gained over a mere 5 months on the eSports scene, the alluring cash prizes and the great eSporting opportunities, Throwdown represents just how enthusiastic the competitors and audiences of Australian eSports scene are for new and exciting events. This weekend’s finals mark season 2’s end, but it’s still only the very beginning for Throwdown’s promising future.

Throwdown’s season one setup at Max Watt’s. Source:

You can be sure to catch Gamers Classified at Throwdown on Saturday, where we will be giving on-the-floor coverage of its exciting final rounds.

If you have yet to get tickets, they can still be purchased here through Eventbrite.