Last night, during CD Projekt Red’s financial stream, they revealed details about the recently announced Thronebreaker expansion for Gwent. While they left many details out, CDPR confirmed that Thronebreaker is actually a standalone singleplayer RPG. The news comes from the financial stream, which was collated by reddit user Apero_ and r/gwent.

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Last week, CDPR revealed a teaser trailer for Gwent: Thronebreaker. However, this week they have renamed it Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, emphasising the Witcher’s RPG roots. PCGamesn are reporting that the game will feature a 30+ hour role playing campaign, in which events are decided through games of Gwent. In the stream, they state that Thronebreaker is for both Witcher and Gwent fans. Rebranding it as Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales was so fans of the Witcher, and RPGs, didn’t assume it was a card game or Gwent DLC.

In the stream, CDPR state “If we weren’t certain of the production of this game then we wouldn’t mention it in this presentation.”

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The aim of Thronebreaker is to use the mechanics of Gwent, but in the Witcher’s lore. As downloading Gwent isn’t a requirement to play Thronebreaker, the in-game currencies are separate. From this one can assume that the systems to get cards will be different across Thronebreaker and Gwent. While there’s no confirmation as to whether or not there will be microtransactions, CD Projekt Red have a good track record with standalone purchases containing any and all content. For example, the Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone, and Blood and Wine expansions. However, CD Projekt Red did confirm that players can link Thronebreaker and Gwent cards. This is entirely optional and not necessary to play either games.

Gwent in The Witcher 3. Source: Witcher Wikia

In the financial stream, CD Projekt Red mainly focused on Cyberpunk 2077. They stated that the Thronebreaker and Cyberpunk development teams were completely seperate. While there is no word on a release date, PCGamesn are speculating that it will be available in late October. Thronebreaker will go live with the Gwent: Homecoming update, releasing on all the same platforms.