The third Forge has arrived for Guardians to reignite in Destiny 2

After reigniting the first two, this week the third of the Black Armory House Forges, the Izanami Forge, opens up for Guardians to reclaim.

With the Volundr and Gofannon Forges in the bag, the next step is to find and reignite the final forge before the Niobe Labs early next year. The third forge belongs to the Izanami family, who are the last of the three families we are introduced to. Players who own the Annual Pass and have access to the Black Armory can now begin the search for the third forge. The Volundr forge was located in the EDZ and the Gofannon forge on Nessus. The trailer below hears Ada-1 express distress over the third forge being broken. It also shows us fighting through plenty of Vex, once again, on Nessus.

How to unlock the Izanami Forge

To unlock the Izanami forge, players must begin by travelling back to Nessus and killing Vex. It won’t take too long before you receive the Vex transponder from a random drop. After that, you must kill 100 Vex on Nessus to progress to the next quest step. Upon killing the required amount of Vex, you will then need to complete the Heroic Spire Integration public event in the Hallows. Doing this same public event but in other areas on Nessus will not work. From there you will need to kill 20 Vex Minotaurs in specific areas around Nessus. This can include roaming Minotaurs, high-value targets and those in public events. Once completed a quest marker will appear on your map. Killing the boss at the end of the mission will then advise you to speak to Ada-1.

Ada-1 then asks you to repair the newly acquired igniter by doing the heroic version of the Glimmer Extraction, Witch’s Ritual and Spire Integration public events anywhere in the system. Then, like previous quest steps leading up to the forges, you must collect materials. This time it will be Blended Ether, Condensed Blights, and Radiolarian Vapor. Once all materials are collected you must go back and redo the Volundr forge in the EDZ. You will then receive another mission in the form of a more difficult version of the Insight Terminus Strike. And then you will finally be there, all that is left to do is complete the reignition of the Izanami forge.

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