The Xbox Gaming Set

The American Girl Doll, a company specialising in creating dolls for young girls, has announced The Xbox Gaming Set, which features a young girl chilling out and playing some Xbox One S.

The Xbox Gaming Set contains a very small Xbox One S and controller, a gaming chair, two games, one titled ‘Bloks’, which sounds like the next game of the year, and a headset. The cool thing about the Xbox One S is that it’s actually a projector that projects ten gaming scenes, giving the owner of the doll the ability to live out all of their gaming dreams without all of the lag and microtransactions. The Xbox Gaming Set doesn’t include a doll but provides some cool accessories.

The Xbox Gaming Set
Look how awesome this is! Source: The American Girl

The American Girl specialises in producing dolls and accessory kits centred around professions and hobbies and the inclusion of gaming in their catalogue is fantastic. The beautiful thing about The Xbox Gaming Set is that it encourages young girls to play video games while showing that the hobby is something both boys and girls can enjoy.

Personally, I hope that other companies see what The American Girl is doing when it comes to video games and follows suit. Seeing store shelves packed with dolls playing all sorts of video games, board games, or other things in a similar vein would be awesome. I may even pick one up myself.

The Xbox Gaming Set is currently retailing for US$50 and at the time of writing, is still in stock. If you know a young girl who would love this accessory kit, or maybe you want one for yourself, you should grab it before stock runs out. Even if you don’t own a doll, having a tiny Xbox One S is kind of cool. You may even use it more than your actual Xbox One console. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

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