The Witcher

Whoops! Two casting scripts for the upcoming The Witcher Netflix series have leaked. If you want to know whether there will be any scenes of Geralt having a bath, you’ll need to keep reading.

Posted on Reddit by user BWPhoenix, the two casting scripts are for scenes involving Yennefer and Geralt. The first scene is of Geralt and Yennefer preparing to go to a ball. The pair share some witty banter about Geralt’s scars and Yennefer reveals that she hates everyone except for Geralt. Me too, Yennefer. Me too.

The second scene is between Yennefer and a King. The King wants to get frisky with Yennefer and she isn’t having it. After casting a spell that seems to suspend him in the air, she lists all of the things she hates about the king. Emphasising how the cream that gets stuck in his beard when he’s eating breakfast is what she despises the most about him.

The Witcher 3
Source: Gamesplanet

Don’t get too excited about this leak, though. According to showrunner Lauren S. Hissirch, these scenes won’t appear in The Witcher Netflix series. These casting scripts are used for just that, casting. Responding to a user on Twitter, Hissirch stated that, “We write scenes to evoke specific emotional reactions in the actors. Ego, jealousy, confidence, pain, pleasure. We need to see the full spectrum. We lean AWAY from an actual scenario, so as not to spoil.”

Though these scenes won’t appear in the final show, the dialogue feels ripped straight out of The Witcher games. If there is one thing we can learn from this leak, it seems that the show is in good hands. Hopefully, we get a scene of Geralt taking a bath.

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