Telltale Games have released the Story Builder tool ahead of the release of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. The tool allows players to remake decisions from previous games and import that save into the Final Season. As the Walking Dead series is built on branching narratives, this tool is very useful. While it is currently available online, PC Gamer are reporting it will be in the game too. With a simple design, the tool shows a slideshow of important scenes in the series, allowing players to make crucial choices. However, the tool isn’t designed for newcomers to the series, as an understanding of the plot is essential to using it. Given that The Walking Dead: Season 1 came out in 2012, the tool also acts as a refresher course for significant events in the narrative.

Screenshot of the Story Builder. Source: Telltale Games

The Story Builder tool uses players Telltale Games’ accounts, meaning they will have to link their account in the Story Builder with their game. While importing a save is almost necessary for the Final Season, players can simply import the save they have used all series, assuming they still have it. As the series has moved hardware platforms in the past six years, it is likely that console players will have to rely on the Story Builder tool.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is the 4th and final game in Telltale’s outstanding Walking Dead series. While the first season may have marked the peak for the studio, with Season 1 being the most critically acclaimed Telltale Game, the series as a whole seem to have avoided the gradual decline in quality that Telltale has suffered over the years. In June, Gamers Classified reported on the troubles of Telltale Games over recent years. In that article we stated “rushed development cycles, rapid over-expansion, and a quantity over quality mentality made the company a shell of its former self.” The Final Season looks like the final chapter in this phase of Telltale, as this is the last game to use the 12-year-old Telltale Tool game engine.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 19th August, 2018. Play through the Story Builder here.

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