Many gamers these days play action packed experiences that pump your blood and get your heart racing- However, the newly released indie project by Memory of God (Coyan Cardenas) titled ‘The Stillness of the Wind’ breaks this mold and presents a story driven relaxing experience in which you up-keep a farm and learn more about the history of it’s protagonist and elderly goat farmer, Talma.

‘Harvest Moon meets Animal Crossing’

The Stillness of the Wind’ can best be described as a cross between Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. The same vein of tending to a farm and performing seemingly normal tasks, such as talking to people passing by, reading letters, patting goats, harvesting food and much, much more. You’ll soon develop your own unique routine and want to invest more and more time into your farm in small doses each day or two.

Though at first glance they may not seem like a lot to do in ‘The Stillness of the Wind’, you’ll soon find yourself getting into a routine of picking mushrooms, watering seeds, checking on your animals and other duties around your farm which can keep you entertained and relaxed all at the same time if this type of game is your cup of tea. As time goes on, you’ll collect letters, explaining the backstory of Talma, her friends and relatives and learn to love the environment and world building this game provides. Much like Animal Crossing, there is no ‘win state’ in this game, it’s all about the interactions and connections you make with the world and it’s characters.

Nice & Niche – A Particular Slice of Gaming

During my playtime, I did experience a little bit of trouble controlling Talma as this game is very much in the style of a point and click experience in which you click on an area and your character automatically walks to there. This method had me clicking non-stop to keep the very slow walking Talma from stopping and starting as I made my way to far off destination and to add to that, a few times, while clicking on certain objects, Talma would drop what she was holding forcing me to backtrack and pick up the items and try again, being careful not to click on other items. Nothing glaringly terrible, but being patient is definitely needed for extended play times.

I also found the day’s quite limited and short, but as time went on and once I got used to the time and started planning my days in advance, I started to have a lot more fun. The menu’s are also something to take a slower pace. Frustratingly, after selecting an item (especially when selling to the merchant) the cursor defaults to the last option, which caused me to accidentally sell both my starting goats for bundles of hay I originally wanted to buy to feed my goats. Slow and steady certainly does win the race in this instance. Take your time and take in the calming atmosphere and incredible ambience that this game puts out.

It’s not about the End Goal,
It’s about the Journey

My two words of advice that I can supply is ‘Take this game at your own pace. Enjoy your time with it, don’t rush’ and ‘Remember to close your gates so your animals don’t escape.’ I made that mistake a little too early in my time playing.

The Stillness of the Wind’ was Developed by Memory of God and Published by Fellow Traveller, If the slower paced style of life-sims or farming games are something you have any interest in, or you just want to give this extreamly charming game a try, you can purchase ‘The Stillness of the Wind’ on Nintendo SwitchSteam, and the AppStore