The Sonic the Hedgehog Live Action Movie, set to come out November 8th, 2019, has gotten thousands of Sonic fans upset- and even the official Sonic Twitter has poked fun at it’s premise on a few occasions… though in recent times, that’s something to expect from the account. This morning, reliable Sonic fan, Tails’ Channel has reveled leaks archived on the ResetEra board including some screenshots, info dumps and images from the upcoming, and critically disliked Sonic the Hedgehog Live Action Movie that were originally live on  Hamagami / Carroll, Inc.‘s website, which they have since taken down.

These images and text dumps have shown up through the Hamagami / Carroll, Inc. website, a marketing website that accidentally put up information just a little bit too early. Ironically, the main problem people seemed to have with the much hated Sonic Boom series was the fact that Sonic had blue arms- and of course, the brilliant idea of bringing Sonic the Hedgehog to a live action setting also adopted this design. Other things that were changed (and might be further edited) are Sonic’s missing gloves and his eyes. Sonic’s gloves are now differently colored pieces of fur, as is his eye piece. Rumors of SEGA of Japan hating this design came out quite a while ago, with their apparent main complaint being that his eyes aren’t joined and instead combine a giant eyebrow- disconnecting his eyes and adding more fur where his muzzle should be. Everything in this design is scarily fluffy… which is odd, since Sonic is a hedgehog and should have more spines, but hey, who are we to comment.

This oddly muscular Sonic, possibly with Nike shoes is also seen to be holding a classic Golden ring, (for some reason, not golden in the pictures) and it just makes the whole image, the whole movie seem really off brand. I like most Sonic media, granted, but I’m not jumping for joy at the latest news for my favorite Video Game character. I can see past my nostalgia and know this wasn’t a good idea. Past Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series and movies have been enjoyable and (in my opinion) the right kind of cheesy- and though I seem very negative, you better believe I’ll be first in line to see this train-wreak on the big screen. I mean, how can you pass up Jim Carrey with his villainous giant mustache yelling at a super buff CGI hedgehog?