Today, the newest PlayStation 4 update patch (Ver: 6.50) dropped on all models of PS4’s- both Standard and Pro. This update features a new Remote Play Mode, in which you can view your PS4’s gameplay on your phone’s screen and use your phone as a virtual controller (with the virtual buttons showing up on your touch screen for easy access.) This is a great way to play your game with a semi portable screen when someone else is using the TV or another situation where you want to play a little bit longer but can’t use the big screen. A similar idea was implemented with the PS Vita – with it’s remote play, and even Cross Play, to an extent. The Sony Brand is now branching out to make all experiences as comfortable as they can, and I see that as nothing but a good thing.

NOTE: This image is doctored from personal gameplay, however the virtual layout is similar

Another great feature that was added, but few are talking about, is the option to swap the [X] and [O] Buttons. If you import games, you’ll know the struggle, but now, all your worries can fixed by a simple option in the update. If you didn’t know, In Japan, they use an [O] to say ‘Yes / Okay’ and an [X] as ‘No / Deny’. So in all Japanese games, you’ll find that the [X] Button means No and be on an endless loop of going into a menu, then quitting out. Your preferred style can now be catered to! If you’re interested and ready to go, the update will automatically come up on your PS4 once connected to the internet. Confirm you’d like to download the 6.50 update, then after that, simply download the accompanying iOS app right here to your phone and soon you can unlock more freedom with how you play your PS4. The Android Play Store version to be added in the near future, but as of right now, it’s not live in certain areas. (Check back on the Play Store by searching  ‘PS4 Remote Play’ and make sure the app is officially posted by Sony / PlayStation Mobile Inc.)