So as you may or may not have heard, and you should have because we were talking about it all last week, Max Watt’s just hosted Sydney’s newest host of competitive leagues and events, and we were lucky enough to be there and it was lit!

It was the second time Throwdown has thrown it down, hosting a crowd full of fans as eSports teams from League, CS:GO and Rocket League battled it out for game titles and a $32,000 prize pool. The matches were broadcast via Twitch and live updated via Twitter and Facebook, among other outlets where viewers were treated to some intense games, as well as some behind the scenes talks and commentary.

On Saturday, we saw CS:GO and League of Legends amateurs mix it up a little with the pros from The Chiefs Esports Club, LG Dire Wolves and more in the Pro-Am competitions. It was refreshing and exciting to see such a lively intimate crowd for what was an explosive day of eSports celebration!

On Sunday, the Rocket League OCE Championship Finals went off! Sand Castle, JAM Gaming, Alpha Sydney and 1More played for two qualification spots for the $150,000 USD RLCS World Championship! It was a huge moment in Oceanic Esports to see Alpha Sydney 1st Seed and JAM Gaming 2nd seed being able to qualify for a World Championship placement.

We were lucky enough to get a few words from Liam and Tyler from The Chiefs about the day and eSports:

1. How did you enjoy the event? How is the atmosphere at Throwdown compared to some other eSports events?

Liam: Really great area to host a tournament, sadly clashed with another csgo event on the day otherwise I’m sure more players would have spectated!

Tyler: The event was very fun and very well run. The staff did an excellent job putting on a great event for all involved, can’t wait for the next one!

2. eSports is still a budding industry in Australia. How do you/you guys like events such as Throwdown, where amateurs can join the pros, and eSports is so readily accessible?

Liam: I think this event in particular is nice for us as players to meet some fans and up and coming talent, which gives them connections in the scene etc. Really cool idea and it’s a lot of fun for both pros and amatures.

Tyler: It’s fun meeting new and upcoming talent that we would not normally be able to play with in a team enviroment and also just get to know them in general. Meeting them in person is a really enjoyable experience and I hope I see a few of them playing at the top level sooner or later!

3. As part of Chiefs, and as a team, how do you/you guys contribute to the success of the team, at your competitive standard?

Liam: We all contribute equally in different aspects, Tyler and I are tactically minded while Josh and Alistair contribute with consistency and a great outlook on the game, they never get frustrated with teammates. Pete is just a laugh, always brightens the mood just being himself.

Tyler: We all contribute just as much as eachother in different ways, which makes us a great team. I’ll call, while INS gets the ECO frags for instance. Every player on this team is just as good as the other and we all respect eachother a lot, you need this in any great team, you build eachother up and help pick eachother up when you’re down.

4. What drew you/you guys, to the games? What drew you to eSports?

Liam: My father always played games when I was a kid and still plays all sorts of games, so he helped me develop a love for games. I’ve always been very competitive, so being able to compete while doing something I love at any time of the day is what attracted me to esports

Tyler: I’ve always played games as a kid, I was also very competitive so it was a no brainer to mix both together!

There was a lot to do – merchandise tables, the free to play game area, met the pros and meet new people, and my favourite.. there was popcorn, ready for all the action! Talking to the people all around you was also exciting; I met twitch streamers, Pro-League players, Amateur Players, budding pro-enthusiasts, people who shared the same passion as I did and little kids who were excited to be there with their parents.

Doesn’t matter if you are a believer or are still in doubt of how legit it is, there’s absolutely no way of denying that eSports is here to stay. As a gamer and as someone who is really getting into the eSports scene, it is absolutely incredible – almost to the point of disbelief – to see us finally rising up the challenge of competing internationally. Throwdown will definitely become a yearly staple of the Australian eSports industry and this weekend was a testament to that.

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