The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online has officially dropped its latest DLC, Wolfhunter, as well as a new Battleground and additions to PvP. Alongside the new content, the game has received an update that overhauls the Werewolf Skill Line and the game’s Skill Respecification system.

The Elder Scrolls Online Wolfhunter DLC provides players with two all-new dungeons where they will encounter the monstrous beasts of Hircine. Completing the dungeon will rewards players with new gear and unique collectables. The first dungeon, Moon Hunter Keep, will task players with infiltrating a keep taken over by monsters and defeating the elder werewolf known as Vykosa.

The second dungeon will grant players the opportunity to take part in the Daedric Prince Hircine’s favourite past-time, the Great Hunt. Players will explore the outskirts of the March of Sacrifices, which will reward them with valuable items. Those who take part in the Great Hunt must be careful. They are not the only players taking part and at any moment, other players you have been working with can turn against you. Both these dungeons are available in Normal and Veteran difficulties and the rewards available include new gear sets, monster masks, skins, and mementos.

Update 19 for The Elder Scrolls Online overhauls the Werewolf Skill Line and the game’s Skill Respecification system. The Werewolf Skill Line update allows transformed players to sustain their momentum in combat for longer, while the changes to the Skill Respecification system will allow players to change individual abilities one-by-one instead of having to re-add all of their skills from scratch. Besides these changes, the update also fixes and improves various aspects of The Elder Scroll Online. 

The Elder Scrolls Online
These outfits look ripped straight out of Bloodborne and I want them. Source: The Elder Scrolls Online.

Another addition within Update 19 is Istirus Outpost, which is a new Battleground for those who enjoy PvP. The area is large and will grant players the ability to use their mount within the arena, a first for The Elder Scrolls Online. Players can also use Keep Recall Stones to teleport to any Keep that the player owns. This will provide them with the ability to move through the area with ease while opening up new strategic opportunities both offensively and defensively.

The last notable aspect of Update 19 is the introduction of new rewards for PvP players. These include three new Battle Grounds Outfit Styles (earned by completing Battlegrounds matches) and the Arena Gladiator Costume (earned by collecting 50 Arena Gladiator Proofs).

Update 19 is officially live and the Wolfhunter DLC is free for all The Elder Scrolls Online Plus members or can be purchased for 1500 crowns via the in-game store.

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