The Division 2

The gameplay trailer for The Division 2 was been showed off at Microsofts E3 press conference and it looks gorgeous.

The Division 2 moves away from New York City and ventures into Washington D.C., which has been overrun by the same virus that consumed the Big Apple. The lengthy gameplay trailer featured many of the things that players of the original The Division are familiar with, including the awkward ‘gamer-chat’ within the announcement trailer.

The trailer follows a group of four players who are exploring a desolate Washington D.C. They come across a crashed airline that has been taken over by a group of enemies. Considering this is a prime piece of real estate within any post-apocalyptic locale, the team decide to engage the enemies and show off some new gadgets.

One such gadget is a sticky substance that restricts players movement and can be removed if a teammate uses their firearm to shoot it off, which doesn’t seem like the safest disposal method. But, whatever works. Another gadget is a device that shoots a cluster of small, sharp objects that fly into the enemy. The original The Division had a few, unique gadgets, but the sequel seems to be expanding upon that concept.

Once the enemy has been taken care of, the player team claims the downed airline as their territory. The Division 2 seems to have a capturing outpost system similar to that of the Far Cry franchise. This could mean that these locations could turn into areas where the player can buy new items, or research new tech and gadgets.

Overall, The Division 2 gameplay trailer doesn’t reveal too much and doesn’t seem to stray too far from the gameplay style of the original. For me, a gamer that absolutely loved the original once they updated it and added more content, this is totally fine. The outposts could provide some fun gameplay moments and would make the player feel as though they are reclaiming the city. Hopefully, we will have more information once the Ubisoft E3 2018 press conference kicks off.

The Division 2 is scheduled for release on March 15, 2019.


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