The Persona series had a good run this past year. Persona 5, which not only launched to “universal acclaim”, has sold upwards of 2 million copies as of December last year. With the game’s success and spot in the limelight as one of the best reviewed JRPG’s available, Atlus would be wise to capitalise on the hype. Thankfully that’s just what they’re doing, as their YouTube channel just released two gameplay trailers of characters to appear in their new dance-based Persona games due to launch in May.

Yukari Takeba, a playable character from Persona 3, receives her trailer.

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night are the next Persona rhythm games, following in the footsteps of Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Persona 3’s trailer is for Yukari Takeba, while Persona 5’s trailer is for Ryuji Sakamoto. The trailers provide some very welcome hype, but also give us a good look at the actual gameplay we can expect for each game’s different style.

Equally as important, though, is the music; one of the central, most beloved features of the Persona franchise. Persona 4: Dancing All Night boasted a tracklist brimming with remixes of the original game’s songs. The new Persona dancing games look to be no different in this aspect, so many fans will be anxiously waiting to hear the new soundtracks as they are released. These trailers, then, are a big deal, as each one seems to feature one of the new songs playing in the background. Ryuji’s trailer gave us a fantastic remix of Tokyo Daylight, whereas Yukari’s trailer showed us a nice remix for When the Moon’s Reaching Out Stars.

While we’ve had information on the cast for a while, these are the first character teasers we’ve seen. If we continue to get character trailers in this fashion, we’ll not only be seeing hype gameplay previews, but hearing the full extent of the remixes fans have come to trust.

Ryuji’s trailer gave us both some gameplay footage and an impressive remix.

As an extra aside, the Persona Channel website is running a promotional event to drum up support for the new games. You can visit the website to send a message to one of the two teased characters from the trailers. Your message should include things relevant to the characters, and the site mentions that there’s a possibility that the characters will reply later.

Both games are due for release in Japan on the 24th of May. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been word for a western localisation as of yet. Still, Persona 4: Dancing All Night received localisation, and Persona 5 has obviously seen great success among western audiences. It seems crazy to consider that Atlus wouldn’t release the games over here as well (eventually).

You can stay updated on Persona teasers and release dates by checking out the Atlus YouTube channel, or by checking back on Gamers Classified to see us report on it again in future.