Telltale’s Walking Dead had been around for over 5 years with multiple seasons under its belt. A trailer had just been released for the fourth and final season of this awesome series.

This game series had been one huge journey for the protagonist of the series, Clementine. She had been there from the start of the whole series, a scared child who turned into one zombie-killing badass. If you followed the series, you’ve been with her for several years since 2012 and watched her grow as a character and survivor.

Source: Walking Dead Trailer

This trailer didn’t reveal a lot in terms of the story or gameplay, but there were a few things we could learn from this. One, AJ is now a child and still under Clementine’s care. The relationship dynamic between the two speaks volumes about the maturity of the two characters that they have undertaken.

Throughout the Walking Dead Game, it lines with some of the most iconic characters that line with the comics. Glenn, for example, appeared in the first season of the game before he left to find his family and appeared in the official comics as a major character. There are also various characters that many players have grown to love or hate such as Kenny for the first two seasons.

Source: Walking Dead Trailer

Much like the previous seasons, we will be faced with choices that are uncomfortable to make. Perhaps there are a few characters that we are fond of in the final season that we want them to live. There might be characters from previous seasons that would appear like Javi from the New Frontier.

Of course, there would be some zombie slaying action as shown in the trailer in the form of a few quick time events. There might be additional faction wars if the season before it were any indication. That being said, the drama will still be a thing as the decisions you make as Clementine and any other protagonists (if any) could greatly influence what would happen in this final season of Telltale’s Walking Dead.

Source: Walking Dead Trailer

Personally, I’m excited to finally see the conclusion of Clementine’s journey. We saw her grow up to a young woman who now has a young kid under her charge as she fights and scavenges to survive in the harsh world of the Walking Dead. With the final season August 14th, it would hopefully be a breathtaking conclusion.

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