Talented Australian developers are being celebrated this weekend during Steam’s Aussie Sale. For the next five days a range of Aussie-made games will be available on the Steam Store at discounted prices.

The sale coincides with the Australia Day long weekend and is the first sale on the platform dedicated to games made Down Under. Luckily, games are a little bit easier to buy thanks to Steam recently introducing the Australian dollar to their store.

The Aussie Sale ends early on the 29th January, around 5am AEDT, so make sure to check out some of the fantastic games produced by the creative folks in Australia’s gaming industry.


As a digital role-playing strategy game and the debut project from studio League of Geeks, Armello is definitely worth the cash for the replayability alone. Using dice, cards and table-top strategy, you will compete against other players as you travel through the dark fantasy world of Armello. The game’s aim is to be the first to take the throne from the kingdom’s corrupted king and there are so many ways to do this – making each run-through a bit different. This game shines through its multiplayer, so make sure to grab a few friends when you pick up Armello, it will make your experience even better.


Vampire-slaying is just one element of this fantastic indie title from Screwtape Studios. Damsel combines 2D platformer action with comic book-style graphics as you follow Secret Agent Damsel, a slayer who uses her shotgun to make vampires distress. If you want to know why we think Damsel is a great Aussie game, make sure to check out our review.

Newfound Courage

A small indie game on Steam’s Early Access, Newfound Courage is a story-driven adventure set in the odd town of Silverpine which holds the knowledge of a destroyed civilisation. While the protagonist Alexander deals with the mysterious occurrences in Silverpine, he must also understand himself and his own growing feeling towards his friend Jake. Developed by Curtis Campion, Newfound Courage‘s pixel-art style and heartwarming message will definitely appeal to fans of To the Moon.

There are plenty of other Australian-made games on sale so make sure to check out what’s on offer – you may find out that some of favourite games have come out of Australia!

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