Square Enix have announced their 2nd expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, Stormblood, a collaboration between Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter: World. The expansion, available now, is a crossover DLC event with the new Monster Hunter: World “Behemoth” update. The second expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, following the Heavensward expansion in 2015. The Stormblood expansion follows a monster from Capcom’s series, jumping over into the Final Fantasy world. It requires a Level 70 character to begin, but new characters will receive an exp boost until Level 60. There are also in-game items that can skip the levelling up process.

Once the level requirements are met, players need to complete the “Stormblood” mission and then they will begin the expansion. Players must purchase and install the full Final Fantasy XIV before playing Stormblood. The “Started Edition” is available for $19.95 and the expansion for $39.95 here. New players can also purchase the “Online Complete Edition”, which includes the base game and both Stormblood and Heavensward expansions, for $59.95. However, players can sign up for a 30 day trial here.

Capcom is releasing new crossover DLC for Monster Hunter: World in order to promote the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion. The fourth free DLC update for Monster Hunter: World will be live 2nd August and contains the new Behemoth hunt. The free DLC is similar to the Devil May Cry and Horizon: Zero Dawn crossover DLC. On top of a new monster hunt, being Final Fantasy’s Behemoth, players can acquire weapons and armour from the Final Fantasy universe. These include the “Drachen” armor set, “Gae Bolg” insect glaive and “Dragon Soul” Kinsect, making players look like the Final Fantasy Dragoon. There is also a new Palico Armor Set, the Moogle α, transforming Palico’s into the fluffy magical cats from Final Fantasy. The series favourite Cactuar will also make an appearance, as swarms of Cactuar can be used as environmental traps.

Source: Capcom

This new promotion come ahead of last week’s announcement of Monster Hunter: World for PC. There were also reports last week of Capcom’s stock taking a 13% plummet following this announcement. Variety reports that this was due to concerns over the game’s sustained popularity, stating “although cumulative sales volume is growing steadily, we get the impression the popularity of Monster Hunter is dying down sixth months after its release.” With a huge cross promotional event and new, free DLC, this appears to be an attempt from Capcom at rewarding veteran players and incentivising old players to return. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is available now while the Monster Hunter: World “Behemoth” DLC is available 2nd August. 

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