Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda released a letter to the public, outlining some interesting things that are happening for Square Enix in 2019. Let’s take a look at what Matsuda has in mind for this gaming company giant for the brand new year.

Firstly, Square Enix is looking into new potential services, especially around blockchain technologies. With the growth of various sectors such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies and greater interests to applications of video games and its services, Square Enix is keeping a close eye to take up any opportunities to enhance their own content and services in the future.

Secondly, with the current generation of consoles reaching its twilight years, there are talks about what and when the next generation of new consoles are coming out. Granted it may take a year or so for the next generation to be announced by Microsoft, Sony or other companies. Regardless, with that and cloud streaming services showing signs of an initiative, Square Enix looks eager to take advantage of their own development of future games.

Finally, there are new opportunities for Square Enix to expand across the globe. The biggest opportunity being India as their infrastructure continues to improve in several key technological aspects. With India having one of the largest populations in the world, this looks like an excellent business opportunity for expansion.

On the other hand, Chinese censorship is proving to be an increasingly more restrictive environment for the gaming market. With many Chinese developers and studios looking for ways to circumvent the restrictions to get into the international market, Square Enix is eager to do some collaborative projects with the Chinese game developers which could mean new interesting games that will hit the market soon enough.

Are you excited to see what Square Enix will bring in 2019? Are there concerns you have about the Company for the future?

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