Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man will be released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive on September 7, 2018. The news comes from an exclusive with Game Informer, who received hands on time with the game, revealing new details. Insomniac Games, most famous for the Ratchet and Clank games, first made Sunset Overdrive as an Xbox One exclusive. However, since returning to Sony they have created one of the PlayStation’s most anticipated games. Spider-Man looks to be for Spiderman what the Arkham series was for Batman. With a huge open-world, deep combat system and unique story, fans of both comics and video games are anxious for the release. The most important details is that this isn’t a Spiderman discovering his powers, but one who’s been a hero for some time. Here are some notes from Game Informer’s exclusive interviews.


Spider-Man’s story is set 8 years into Peter Parker’s career as Spiderman. As comic fans will know, that means Peter is not only in a relationship with Mary Jane, but also that she knows he is Spiderman. Mary Jane will be a playable character, as Insomniac is keen for players to experience her side of Spiderman’s story. Creative Director, Bryan Intihar says “Mary Jane’s going to surprise a lot of people”. Insomniac were also quick to mention that there will be no Uncle Ben’s death scene. While there are no original major characters, the story is unique to the game. The central villain is Mr. Negative. Other comic villains confirmed are Kingpin, Shocker and Black Cat, who will appear in DLC. This looks to be a more human Superhero story, focusing on Peter Parker as a person. Most importantly, Peter Parker built his web shooters.

Mr. Negative. Official concept art available here.


The open world is huge. Intihar says that this recreation of New York city is “several times” larger than the map of Sunset Overdrive. Described as a “concrete jungle”, Insomniac believe New York is a character itself, bursting with life. Filled with side missions and collectables, players have plenty of reasons to explore the city. Intihar confirmed comic book locations within the city, such as the Wakanda Embassy, Avengers Tower, and Sanctum Sanctorum. Even the citizens feel alive, with options to interact with them including high fives, various greetings and even the ability to take selfies with them. Intihar even confirmed that New York will have its own organic fast travel system, the Subway.

Official concept art available here.


As Insomniac is developing the game, players can expect fast paced gameplay with plenty of gadgets. One of the most important aspects of the gameplay is that Spiderman is experienced. He is comfortable with his powers, able to juggle between webs, gadgets and his own fighting ability with ease. The web-slinging movement fits such an experienced hero, as Spiderman can navigate the concrete jungle with speed and ease. Intihar excitedly explains there is a gadget wheel, which hopefully means it has the creativity and diversity of the Ratchet and Clank arsenal. There will be stealth elements to the game, probably not on the scale of Batman: Arkham Asylum but in a similar vain. He also states that Spiderman can level up, customise parts of his moveset and take advantage of a crafting system. Even water won’t harm this Spiderman, although Insomniac say Peter can only tread water and not actually swim.

Official concept art available here.

The game will be locked at 30fps for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Insomniac have confirmed there are plans for post-launch DLC. While they is are no microtransactions, there are plenty of cosmetic items to unlock or purchase. One such costume even gives Spidey a guitar based Area of Effect attack.

Spider-Man will release exclusively for PlayStation 4 on 7 September, 2018.

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