Sony has just revealed its answer to Amiibo: TOTAKU (pronounced Toe-Tak-Oo, and stylised in all caps). The collection of figurines is described as ‘highly detailed’, with characters sitting at 10cm tall and coming in a unique ‘first edition packaging’ at launch.

It’s a numbered series, with figures announced so far including:

Despite using a packaging form that’s conspicuously similar to Nintendo’s toys-to-life range, the lack of NFC chips mean Totaku are purely for the collectors with “multiple ways to display” them.  But there’s already suggestions of more on the way, with Gamestop’s official product description stating Sony will “work [their] way through gaming’s greatest heroes!”.

The toys-to-life industry seems to have dried out following the hiatus of Skylanders and withdrawal of both Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions. However given Nintendo’s continued success with the model, it seems like a missed opportunity for Sony to not implement similar cross-game incentives for picking up this plastic.

Set for a worldwide release of March 23rd, 2018 – these figurines will hit Aussie retail at $20 (AUD) exclusive to EB Games. The entire range, bar Kratos, is up for pre-order now. Will you be shelling out the cash for this Sony celebration, or holding out for a potential Playstation All-Stars 2?