Image Credit: Dash

Dash is nominated for Social Media God at the Australian Games Awards (AGAs). He spoke with Gamers Classified about his reaction to being nominated and about developing the local gaming community.

Vote for Dash to win Social Media God at the AGAs by clicking here. Voting is open until 7th December 2018.

GC: What was your reaction to finding out you were nominated?

Dash: Absolutely blown away. I’m still shocked by the thought of people nominating me for anything. It’s an honour to be recognised by my peers for something as grand as the first ever Australian Games Awards, which is now being recognised as the leading Australian Gaming Industry Accolade, and it’s something I’ll honestly remember and treasure forever.

GC: What is the social media regiment of a Social Media God nominee?

Dash: I have no idea. If I were to gauge even a guess, it’s showing a positive and energetic influence through our amazing community of content creators out there. We have a tonne of unrecognised talent within our growing community. The great thing I find though, is we have a leaders in our community who influence smaller creators out there, who inspire them to push forth on their dream to break out of their shell, and become amazing content creators themselves. I’ve been doing this for twelve years, and have worked with some of the biggest content creators across the web, and I believe the “current generation” of creators we have within our Aussie community, are some of the best influencers out there right now, whether it’s Twitch, YouTube, Writing Articles, or even on Social Media.

Image Credit: Dash

GC: You’re synonymous with What can you tell us about this organisation?

Dash: is where I currently write articles and create content with two of my friends. In the past year, I have launched two podcasts, DASH Culture with my co-host Buddy Watson. Buddy, had been hosting his own podcast Review Culture at the time, and he invited me on as a guest on one episode to talk about our love for Life Is Strange. I was set to debut a PlayStation based podcast at the time with host of You Game Bro? podcast, Adam “Pez” Perry, but Pez went onto bigger and better things in the industry, and Buddy approached me to do a podcast with him. We decided to carry over our love for nerdy pop-culture and the rest is history. Dash & Holmesy is our second podcast, where Chris Holmes (HolmesInFive) and I look into the hottest titles out there, and run through them in a book club style inspired podcast. We’re currently blazing through Persona 5, with our “Take Your Hearts” season of the podcast, which we have been very fortunate to have a great audience there.

GC:  The 2018 Dash Community Awards are coming up soon. Can you give our readers a quick overview of these awards?

Dash: The Dash Community Awards spawned from hysteria surrounding Spike TV’s 2013 VGX Awards, which were critically panned by gamers around the world. Due to complete radio silence and rumors that the Video Game Awards were completely done, I decided that year that I would launch the DashGamer Awards. I wanted to  push the awards as a community driven alternative to the industry standard awards that were already out there from major publications that pretty much decided for us which was Game of the Year etc., I wanted gamers to have their own voice heard. So [I started the] DashGamer Awards in 2014 with eight categories and a slew of nominees to choose from. It saw such great success that inaugural year, that I decided to keep it going and in 2017 decided to further with it and involve a panel of 13 Judges to nominate, and rename it The Dash Community Awards. We had over 1 million social media impressions, with over a combined 30,000 unique votes for each category. We were all very proud of what we accomplished last year, and we wanted it to continue this year.

Image credit: Dash

GC:  Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Dash: A Big thank you to everyone who has come along and voted in this year’s Dash Community Awards, you guys are the best. A big thank you to our amazing community for being awesome,. Thank you to everyone who has been real supportive this year in 2018- 2019 should be real interesting, and a thank you to you guys here at Gamers Classified. This has been fun!

Dash has his own website and is active on Twitter, Soundcloud and Twitch. Vote for Dash to win Social Media God at the Australian Games Awards by clicking here. Voting is open until 7th December 2018.