Sneak peek at the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege map, Outback

We are heading home for Operation Burnt Horizon and have landed in the Australian Outback.

The brand new map that’s dropping next season with brand new Aussie operators, Gridlock and Mozzie, is Outback. Set in the Australian desert, this lonely petrol station is about to call in Rainbow 6 reinforcements. When a nuclear convoy comes under attack along the highway, it crashes into the side of the pit stop. Players will be able to play this map in the upcoming first season of Year 4 very soon.

According to assistant level design director, Jacques Wong, the team referred to two fan favourite maps when designing Outback, namely Oregon and Clubhouse. The team also made sure to keep the current meta in mind, ensuring the map had good flow and the ability to rotate around the map easily.

“We divided the map into three distinct sections – the Garage, the Motel, and the Restaurant – and put a lot of effort into making sure each section is recognisable, even from far away,” Wong explained. “There are specific colours for each section, and we used lighting and geometry to direct the player’s gaze to where they need to go.”

“We wanted to emphasise the impact of player decision-making, so for example, there’s a limited number of doors between each section” Wong continued. “Roamers can still create new paths by destroying walls, and there’s always the option of changing floors as a flanking strategy. It’s a medium-sized map, so players won’t need to go far to find alternative routes.” – Ubisoft News

You can always trust Australian fans to get involved with something so close to home

Another little Aussie note meant changing the sign held by the Kangaroo from ‘Last Chance Gas’ to ‘Last Chance Fuel’ after fans pointed out the difference in Australian dialect. Rainbow 6 ANZ social media manager, Shane Bailey, has claimed responsibility for this change which will make the map feel more authentically Australian.

Let us know what you think of the new map. For the full operation reveal, tune into the Six Invitational Twitch stream on the 18th of February.