Skybound has tweeted that they have reached a deal with Telltale studios to finish of the final season of the beloved series, The Walking Dead. This came after Telltales closed their studios that were producing one of their most successful games.

Skybound had negotiated with Telltales and planned to use the original developers that had worked on the title previously. This completely ensures that in terms of style and how The Walking Dead was presented in their previous iterations, it will remain consistent.

If you aren’t sure to why Skybound is now taking over for the iconic video game of Telltales, this came after Telltale was forced to layoff over 250 employees of their studio. Many of which were currently working on The Walking Dead title this year.

Variety had reported that one of the biggest reasons for the huge cut of employees was due to the loss of major investors such as the AMC and Smilegate. Though the reasons are unknown for why the companies decided to back off from investing in Telltale, is was the straw that broke the camel’s back which effectively cost The Walking Dead’s final season.

Skybound is an entertainment company that has a small portfolio of video games and a decent amount of TV and films. While relatively small, the fact that they announced that they will continue the series with the original developers should provide relief for long-time fans as there shouldn’t be a major shift in creative decisions in the long-standing franchise and Clementine’s final story.

With a new breath of life reviving The Walking Dead (no pun intended) are you glad that Clementine’s story will finally get the ending it deserves for this iconic series? Comment below on what you wish to see next!

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