Microsoft have always kept their console exclusives to themselves, other than their acquirement of Rare and SEGA I.P.’s they’ve always made sure their games are exclusive as possible. In this current generation, Microsoft has sadly come in last place when going up against sales of the Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Rumor has it that Microsoft might be on the edge of releasing xCloud support for the Nintendo Switch. Before I begin, let me start by saying that the following information is mainly rumors based on hints Microsoft have been dropping – and possible leaks from staff on the inside that haven’t been verified yet.

The xCloud Service is a service that plans to stream games from Microsoft servers to your home console. Until recently, it was naturally exclusive to the Xbox One brand, however, the higher ups at Microsoft have supposedly been saying that Xbox Game Pass is coming to the Nintendo Switch. There have also been rumors floating around that I.P.’s such as Ori and the Blind Forest along with it’s upcoming sequel and Cuphead might be hitting the Switch not only in streamed digital format, but physically on cart. Microsoft and Nintendo have already solidified their partnership by letting you play online matches across all platforms (for example, if you play an online match of Rocket League on the Xbox One, you can play with opponents who are playing an online match on the Nintendo Switch) so it’s not something that would surprise me that much if this partnership was in the works.

All of the hints, leaks apparently from high ups, along with rumors from Juex Video, a French video game website that is usually very trustworthy with news and leaks themselves, it does seem that an idea like this is possible. Even if it isn’t going to be something that happens, it could very well be something that was talked about internally in their respective companies. The rumors are strong, but they are only rumors and may just be false- either way, no matter what happens, we’ll always have the two systems separate and at least some way to play each of the games, no matter what platform they reside on.