Image courtesy of Thrive PR

Repubic of Gamers (ROG) has recently unveiled the latest additions to its gaming laptop range. The lineup includes the Mothership which is a desktop replacement gaming laptop with a detachable keyboard. For full details of the Mothership, please click here. This article will highlight a few key features which make the Mothership the ideal desktop replacement laptop.

The Mothership has a detachable keyboard so you can adjust the height, distance and position of the screen and keyboard relative to you as you can with a desktop PC. I may not be a chiropractor but that won’t stop me from claiming that the Mothership’s versatility makes it better for your posture than the traditional laptop.

A traditional laptop locks the user into a position where either their spine curves so they can look down at the screen or they elevate their arms to an unsupported position in order to reach the keyboard. The Mothership allows the user to adjust the keyboard and the screen individuality to suit their height. Additionally, the keyboard can either fold on an angle or fold in half to minimise its footprint. Folding on an angle allows the user to tailor their workstation for maximum comfort. Folding the keyboard in half allows the user to work in small spaces.  For information on how to arrange an ergonomic workstation, please click here.

The Mothership’s keyboard can either fold on an angle or fold in half. Image courtesy of Thrive PR.

The keyboard also features per-key backlighting. This means that users can highlight important keys and key clusters in different colours. The customisation can be easily changed at any time by visiting the Armoury Crate (the system controlling software). This means that if some keys have overlapping features for different programs or games, the user can easily switch between saved backlighting layouts for each function.

Like the ASUS VivoBook S15/S14, the Mothership props up at an angle to allow optimal airflow into the complex cooling system. According to Geoff Gasior, the traditional blueprint for laptops only allows a narrow gap for airflow to the cooling system which is akin to asking a professional athlete to breathe through a straw while competing.  The Mothership allows optimum airflow to reach the duel 12V fans while outlets on the top corners of the screen blow warm exhaust away from the user. The fan speeds have different custom settings for different uses and can even be personalised.

Finally, the Mothership is so powerful that its default setting is overlocked. Its Intel Core i9-8950HK CPU operates at 4.8GHz in Turbo mode which is 12% faster than what users usually expect from this Intel Core. This makes the Mothership a powerful choice for anyone who with heavy workloads or who toggles between multiple heavy duty tasks.

The Mothership is one of many new ROG gaming laptops. For more details about it and to view the full range of ROG products, please visit the ROG website.