Rocksteady is a studio known for their work on the Batman: Arkham series, a highly successful trilogy for the DC Universe. They’ve recently posted a new job listing that pretty much confirmed that they aren’t resting their laurels yet.

Source: Rocksteady

The Community Manager Job listing, though somewhat a short contract compared to the other job listing, tells us that Rocksteady is preparing for a major presentation on what they are working on. There isn’t exactly a solid estimate on when a story or gameplay trailer will arrive but expect it to be coming in at the very least, a couple of months, if not sooner.

There has been little info in regards to what Rocksteady has been working on apart from the fact that they have been collaborating with Warner Brox. Interactive Entertainment and that the next video game will have a huge backing. There are also additional job openings such as animators, coders, marketing and audio. Some of these job listings had a contract for over two years. So we can expect that their next game will be arriving at roughly 2021 to early 2022.

There is no doubt that there will be many fans who would be excited as it is the very same studio that had done the amazing job that is Batman: Arkham. The series had scored solid critical scores and praises, the last of its series, Batman: Arkham Knight had scored highly for most magazines, averaging around 8/10.

For Rocksteady Studios, this will be another major project that will be presented to us. While their track record of video games is small (with only Batman Arkham series and Urban Chaos to their name), they had already proven that they are a very capable group of developers.

So do you have any anticipation to what Rocksteady may be producing? Are you excited that they will bring in more of their talented works to the open?

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