Rocket League’s 2nd Anniversary

The crazy rocket powered, high intensity, flying, battle car soccer game known as Rocket League, is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with a huge update set to release on the 5th of July. This will be Psyonix’s biggest update yet, with heaps of amazing new content. Psyonix are also teaming up with the power house electronic dance music label known as Monstercat.

  • Pysonix 2nd anniversary update will drop July 5th
  • Heaps of new content and a collaboration with Monstercat?
  • The hype is real with season 5 looking very promising. There has never been a better time to get into Rocket League

New Map

The brand new map titled ‘Champions Field’ will be a free addition to the standard maps on offer. It will feature a massive statue of the Rocket League logo, triple decker seating and phenomenal lighting. This arena will also be available in private mode.

New Crates New Cars

The update will also include the new Overdrive crate which will hold new wheels, decals and Black Market items. Not only that, they will also be the only way to unlock the two new battle cars: Animus GP and Centio V17.

Season 5

With the end of season 4, Psyonix aims to shorten the length of season 5. Not much has been said about this yet but new rewards such as trails will be available for competitive season 4 players.

New Customization

The update will include a ton of new customization such as goal explosions, trails and engine sounds to really enhance the experience of this high energy vehicular sport.


Finally, an unexpected but very welcome addition to the update: a list of 18 new and exclusive tracks from Monstercat. Players will be able to enjoy music from the likes of Tokyo Machine, Tristam, Rameses B and many more.

All aboard the HYPE train! The anniversary update will be one of the most memorable updates yet. It is amazing how Psyonix is still able to add new, refreshing content to the already addictively fun and aesthetically pleasing car soccer game. It doesn’t come as a surprise how fast Rocket League has grown and how it will continue to grow. It is a wonder how Psyonix will continue to deliver. If you have been thinking of getting into Rocket League, there has never been a better time.


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