Riot Games, an internationally esteemed game developer of a popular game, League of Legends accidentally provided personal information to the wrong players. Those players had requested info about their account only to receive another player’s account info.

The information that is included in the provision had contact details, email and player histories. This news came to light as a Reddit user by the name of ZaintheOne posted how he had obtained the wrong information and contacted Riot Games about it.

The incident comes after the player requested their information from Riot’s support services. In accordance to Riot’s Support Database, they take 30 days to process the player’s request and send the information to them.

However, ZaintheOne had yet to receive the files after waiting for 30 days. They requested a human to provide the service, only to find out that ZaintheOne received another player’s information.

Lucky for us, this person’s honesty had brought attention to the issue and explained his concerns, “Upon opening it its someone with name “***”(can i disclose it?) and not me. I just sent them email that this isn’t my account data and yet to hear a reply. Either way this is a serious issue because if i have someone else account data who has mine?”

Riot sent an email to ZaintheOne with an apology and an assurance that their personal information had not been sent to another person. They explained that the error was not via their automated systems, but was done by human error.

This case is incredibly important, because the case of this issue is in Europe which had recently passed a new law in regards to data protection and privacy laws. This regulation is known as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The player, who’s information had their information sent to ZaintheOne, commented on the issue and had stated that ” it was quite possible to make a case, since the broke they law and their own privacy policy.” after contacting the government agencies.

Source: Reddit

Riot had conducted their own investigations and had contacted a number of players regarding similar issues that ZaintheOne had. They had explained on the same reddit thread that they had rechecked through their systems and had taken steps to make sure that the incident doesn’t repeat itself.

The GDPR may have put Riot and other companies in a bit of a tight spot. They had to change their systems in order to make sure that it works under the new regulations set by the EU. Luckily for us, there are a few players and Riot that were honest and fairly transparent about the issue.

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