With the League of Legends 2019 ranked season around the corner, Riot has dropped a new cinematic that is both beautifully crafted and guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

Titled “Awaken”, the latest cinematic features: a violent performance between Jhin and Camille, a Noxus arena showdown between Riven and Draven, and a visit to Irelia’s homeland of Ionia where she and score of Ionian champions must defend against Sion and the Noxian army at their doorstep.

You can check out the full cinematic down below:

Fans had a lot to say when the cinematic dropped and some were left with goosebumps while others needed to ask the important questions…

It can’t be denied that the video masterfully weaves the three story-lines together, especially when each scene is backed by an original song produced by Riot’s music team and Alex ‘Mako’ Seaver. The song’s vocals are from featured artist, Valerie Broussard and if you’re like me and really enjoy the music that comes from Riot cinematics, “Awaken” is now available on both Spotify and Google Play.

Building Hype for League’s Latest Ranked Changes

With the release of this new cinematic, Season 9 looks to have received the special treatment. New changes are coming to the ranked scene this year and while they have been available in League’s ranked preseason they will now be officially put in place in Patch 9.2. Some of the major changes include:

  • A provisional rank that details at the beginning of your placement matches the lowest you can place once you complete your placement games, whether you win or lose.
  • Positional matchmaking which will base match-ups according to the position you choose to play and your skill in playing that particular position.
  • Two new ranked tiers: Iron will sit below Bronze and Grandmaster will be placed between Master and Challenger.

Riot hopes the new ranked changes can provide more feedback to players and improve their overall ranked experience.

The MOBA has come a long way since its release in 2009, and with League turning 10 this year, “Awaken” really shows-off how the game has grown.

What did you enjoy most from this new cinematic? Plus, what do you think of the changes to ranked?

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