I’m a big fan of the Animal Crossing series, so much so, that I was thrilled to play the mobile spin off when it was new – Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I played this spin off in almost all of my free time, which really helped with my daily commute, but unlike the main series games, there started to be less and less to do with infrequent updates and no big events to enjoy. I stopped playing about a year ago, and for the first time in a long time, I decided to pick the game up again following an update that’s coming tomorrow, revolving around my favorite villager, Cherry. Is this update enough to get me playing the game daily again?

The first thing I was greeted to was an extreamly long update to download, but that was expected as I haven’t updated the game in quite some time. Once actually into the game, I found a ton of features that weren’t originally int he game from multiple ongoing events, such as the Fishing Torney – to general time savers, such as Pete as an option to deliver any campers requests if you currently have the item they’re looking for in your inventory, saving a ton of time. I still sadly found myself running out of things to do after completing all objectives around my campsite, but with the ongoing events, it may have me going back for future visit. The new updates (and with the Cherry update tomorrow) have improved the game significantly, but as is with all ‘pay to win‘ games, you soon run out of Bells (money) and Leaf Tickets (another currency) pressuring you to put down real world money to keep playing, which is something I’m not willing to do. I might revisit my pocket camp every once in a while, but so far, nothing has reeled me back in like the non-spin off games do, over and over again.

Hello, My name is A.J. Splutter and I specialize in SEGA and Nintendo. I collect for all systems, new and old and try to keep physical media alive by purchasing games on cart or disc as a preference to digitally. I'm always trying to research and find out all things Japan to better my gaming knowledge.