Trials Rising is a physicals based motorcycle stunt game developed by RedLynx and Ubisoft Kiev. With it’s mix of high octane stunt management and sensitive light-balancing mechanics, it makes this game a good time all around. Trials Rising is the sixth game in the Trials Series and the fifteenth game if you count spin-offs. For a limited period of time, an open BETA was released and in this article, I’ll be reviewing the Nintendo Switch version.


I’ve played most of the Trials Series in the past – and I have to say,  I’m terrible at completing the stages without errors, but the lenient checkpoints always help for you to enjoy the set pieces and challenge with a lot of trial and error. Trials Rising keeps the same mechanics are previous games, and as such, I was sure to crash multiple times and really explore every area of each stage (even if it wasn’t on purpose.) I did notice the use of Loot Crates to unlock different skins/symbols, bikes and clothing for character customization that you unlock after achieving certain objectives – though at this time, it looks like it will only use in-game currency. I personally don’t like Loot Crates and hope that this is the case for the final game, but at least in the open BETA, Loot Crates are locked to in game coins.


As mentioned previously, you will crash a lot, but the fun of it is making that one jump and possibly pulling off a few tricks along the way. The main mode of the game is a straight run to reach the end of the level, complete all the set pieces and make your way to the finish line with as many continues at the generous checkpoints as you need. That isn’t the only mode however, as a few stages pit you up against an opponent or a time limit, making you rush to beat the objective. That being said, you can still reset to the last checkpoint and win the race (you don’t need to do it perfectly without error) and claim victory against your foe.


By far, the part of the game I enjoyed the most, was using the Tandem Bike, which enables Two Player Mode. The Tandem Bike can be used in any level that doesn’t involve a 1v1 Race and has you and a friend work together, leaning in and out of jumps making sure not to use to much throttle or too much lean in the wrong direction – causing essential communication (and due to the physics, so many horrific crashes and gut wrenching laughing fests during major mistakes or miss-communication are sure to occur.) While playing in two player mode, we used both JoyCon separately and had no issues. SR acts as Gas/Throttle and SL works as a Break – other than that, use the thumb-stick to lean back and forward to keep balance.

Trials Rising is an extreamly fun, strategy forming physics game that I will be buying day one, especially since experiencing the two player mode and the shenanigans that it brings out. As long as the Loot Crates are kept to in game coins and don’t accept real world money, than I’ll have nothing but positive feelings towards the game and how it plays – and didn’t experience any issues while playing the open BETA, even when using only a single JoyCon. Trials Rising is to be released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam on February 26th, 2019.