Image via Overwatch League on YouTube

  • Retribution Brawl has been announced and shown at the Overwatch League.
  • The four playable characters in the Story Mode will be Reaper, Moira, Genji and Mcree in “Blackwatch” skins.
  • The brawl will introduce a new world space set in Rialto, Venice, built for PvE.

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan announced and showcased the Overwatch Retribution Seasonal event Yesterday at the OWL Tournament.

Kaplan detailed that the event would show a crucial area of the Overwatch Lore which sets up a lot of the plot devices in the Characters of the game.

The event will introduce new enemies as Blackwatch soldiers, including an impressive looking “Assassin” enemy.

Image via Overwatch on YouTube

“This is the mission where we start to see a change in Gabriel Reyes”

In the Overwatch Lore, the team disbanded after a distance emerged between Gabriel Reyes (Reaper) and Commander Morrison (Soldier 76).

The event covers a Strike-mission carried out by the Reyes lead Blackwatch, a secret Overwatch task force, and is the first time the public in the Overwatch universe would see Blackwatch.

Image via Overwatch on YouTube

It’s important to note that Retribution and Archives are different terms with the release of this update. Archives will be the overarching name of the Lore Seasonal-event in Overwatch, and Retribution is the name of the actual PvE Brawl.

Speculating on this, it could mean that the Overwatch Team is approaching the games lore with more enthusiasm than before.

An important detail to note that with every bit of information that has come out about Overwatch Archives, Seasonality has not been discussed.

An even more exciting detail to note is that the Official YouTube trailer for Retribution is tagged with [NEW SEASONAL MISSION] whereas previous Brawl’s (even Uprising) have been tagged with [NEW SEASONAL EVENT].

I’ll put forward that we might be seeing “Seasonal Missions” more often, perhaps as an element of the game to run alongside the release of new Heroes and Maps.

The update will be dropping in Australia on April 11th.

Whatever is going on, it’s great to see the Lore being touched on.