A report by the Australian Financial Review has revealed that Australia is missing out on what could be a three-billion dollar opportunity by not investing in the Australian gaming industry. With the global games market worth a massive $US137.9 billion, why has Australia not become more involved in this highly lucrative industry?

According to the report, of the $US137.9 billion that forms the worth of the industry worldwide, incredibly, over half of that sum is generated in the Asia-Pacific. Over $US71.4 billion dollars is being amassed in this region. The Australian Financial Review estimates that if Australia could bring in even a small percentage of this, that “it could improve our balance of trade by nearly $3 billion”.

However, the profitable gaming industry is hardly a reality for the Australian gaming sphere. A survey orchestrated by Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) found that the income generated by Australian game developers in 2016/2017 was $118.5 million in revenue. To put this in perspective, this is barely enough to support the salaries of the 928 full-time employees that are in the Australian gaming industry.

So why has the Australian gaming industry not taken off?

Undeniably, gaming has fought for recognition in Australia and has struggled to gain support from the Australian government. Ironically, investment in the gaming industry would massively benefit the Australian economy.

IGEA Infographic. Source: IGEA

CEO of IGEA, Ron Curry, said: ”

embedded in Australian culture as a favourite pastime with 67 per cent of all Australians playing video games. Further, games are increasingly being used purposefully in areas including aged care, the workplace, health and education.”

The acknowledgement of the gaming industry of the Australian government could generate millions in return, says Curry.

Under the Labor government, a $20 million Australian Interactive Games Fund was put in place, and later abolished, leaving the industry with little support.

So what is the best way to support the Australian gaming industry? Buy Australian games. You may not have realised some big titles were even made in Australia.

So, here are some of the best games to come from Australia. 
Bioshock was made by 2K in 2007

The Bioshock series, developed by 2K, is possibly one of the biggest achievements for the Australian gaming scene. The first instalment in the highly-acclaimed series spoke highly of the potential of Australia to produce some great titles.

L.A Noire
L.A Noire was the only game developed by Team Bondi

Despite being one of Rockstar’s lesser known games, the neo-noir detective game is praised for it’s unique gameplay. L.A Noire was developed by Team Bondi and published in 2011. The studio unfortunately closed shortly after.

Australian development studios also produced games such as:

  • Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios.
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel by 2K in 2014.
  • Crossy Road by Hipster Whale.

These are only some of the most notable gaming titles to be developed in Australia and by gamers taking more interest in our homegrown games, the industry is sure to stay afloat.

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