Renegades are the first Aussie CSGO team to make the Champions Stage

With the Legends stage of IEM Katowice currently underway, last night saw Australian team, Renegades, make history.

This Major has certainly been going the way of the boys with plenty of upsets under their belt. Smashing their way through the Challengers stage 3-0, they threw so many fan’s Pick ’em challenge trophies out the window. The first round of the Legends stage saw them up against ENCE but the Finnish team could not prevail. In order to progress to the Champions stage, teams have to win 3 matches. Losing 3 will mean they are out of the running.

As a Counter-Strike Major, it will always be tough coming up against the world-class teams but Renegades did not let that stop them.

Their next match was against CSGO Juggernauts FaZe Clan in a Best of 1 on Inferno that no one expected Renegades to win. But of course, with some Aussie spirit, they did just that. The next matchup was the be a Best of 3 and this time against the seemingly unbeatable Astralis. While they did ultimately lose this matchup, they did manage to take the first map from Astralis 19-17 in overtime in the process. Renegades still had plenty of chances to make it into the Champions stage with two wins to their name.

Next up was Vitality, the French team was in the same 2-1 boat as our boys so whoever won this matchup would be moving onto the next stage. The first map was Vitality’s pick, Dust 2. In the words of HenryG, it was his favourite map to cast in a long time, all thanks to Renegades T-side. They absolutely demolished Vitality, never having to eco a single round and took the map 16-5. The post map interview saw Gratisfaction, the first New Zealand player to ever make it to a CSGO Major, play off the win like it was nothing.

The team was certainly confident heading into what they thought would be the last map, their own pick on Cache.

Vitality hit back hard though and took an early 8-0 lead. The pistol rounds kept getting away from the boys and unfortunately meant they score evened up at one map each. The deciding map fell to Inferno where both teams fought hard for the closest scoreline of the Best of 3 series. Renegades ultimately managed to take it 16-12 to guarantee their spot in the quarterfinals where they will come against Brazilians mibr.

There has never been an Australian team in the Champions stage of a Counter-Strike Major so the Renegades boys are making history here. The Champions stage will begin on the 1st of March once all remaining teams are confirmed for the quarterfinals. You can watch all the upcoming matches on Twitch to see who else will be joining them in the next stage.