Though there have been many PT clones on PC, none have really captured the sheer horror of the original title. That changes today. A developer going by the name, Qimsar, has just released a full port/remake of PT onto the PC. There was a hole here, it’s back now!

Utilising the Unreal Engine and studying walkthroughs and speedruns, Qimsar was able to create an authentic rendition of the original PT. Though the game is 100% playable at the time of writing, the current v0.9 build of the game is missing animations. Qimsar has stated that “(the animations) are essentially the last things I need in order to finish this make into v1.0.” Considering that Qimsar only had about 6 hours experience working with Unreal Engine and the port of PT was built from the ground up in just over a month, this is pretty amazing.

Since this is taking an existing property and making a fan game of sorts, Qimsar is well aware of the potential DMCA takedown coming his way from the folks at Konami. “If a DMCA does arrive my way, I’ll see if I can personally upload the game to each individual person who wants it.” Whether or not Konami will issue a DMCA takedown is yet to be seen. Hopefully, they let this game exist and allow those who missed out on the original to try it out for themselves.

PT, (later known as the playable teaser for Silent Hills), was something truly special. Developed by Hideo Kojima in conjunction with film director Guillermo del Toro, starring Norman Reedus and monster designs by the iconic Japanese horror manga author/artist Junji Ito, Silent Hills was set to be a come back for the horror franchise. Unfortunately, it was abruptly cancelled by Konami and shortly after, Hideo Kojima left the company. It was a sad day for Silent Hill fans and it stills hurts me to this day.

If you want to check out the port/remake of PT on PC, you can go to Qimsar’s GameJolt page and download it for free.


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