The 1982 arcade game Akka Arrh (also known as Target Outpost and The Sentinel) by Atari recently had it’s ROM dumped online, after years of the game’s preservation being unaccounted for. Currently, we only know of three physical cabinets exist, so it’s a miracle that we finally have the game dumped and free to play for anyone who can find it’s download link. In a shocking turn of events, however, the ROM might have been stolen from a big collector holding onto the cabinet and refusing to dump it. Though the game has be circulating around conventions and events, even with it being so rare, it’s owner decided to keep Akka Arrh undumped to be one of the few sole owners of the game – I guess feeling a sort of elitism by having something no one else has.

Source: Arcade Museum

AtariScott from the MAME World Forums who claims to know about the incident personally reported that “One collector had a tech come and work on some of his games. The unscrupulous tech copied the ROMS without permission- The game was not broken and not one he was supposed to “fix”.” Shane and Adam of Rerez and Hot Take have a very few believable theories on to how the ROM actually got dumped and it’s worth having a listen to their thoughts if you love the retro and rare / undumped scene, like I do – as you might think it odd that someone can just walk into a room alone with an arcade cabinet in the $10,000+ (and multiple systems) to fix another cab and successfully dump the ROM. It’s not exactly an easy process to dump an arcade ROM, even less if you’re under time constraints and a watchful eye, it’s all a bit fishy. If you would like to know more about the incident, I suggest following up on the MAME World Forums on the AtariScott thread or watching the discussion video by Shane and Adam below.